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kaplan course for MCAT---question?

when you are taking the Kaplan MCAT class, do they have the real AAMC MCAT Tests for student use.

I heard they have one master copy, for student that true

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    I disagree with Troy, but the fact is that whatever helps or doesn't help someone is the advice you'll get. I took the MCAT three times, Kaplan helped me bring my score up 9 points, and now I'm in the top tier of my med school class as a 4th year after applying to med school three time. I've also taught for Kaplan for 4 years now. Clearly, I wasn't able to get a 37Q on the first try like Troy, so you have to figure out for yourself where you stand. If you take the practice tests and do awesome, you probably don't need the course. However, if you feel like you need help, Kaplan is not a bad idea. They have a lot of good resources and some great teachers/mentors. You have to decide for yourself how well you can do without a structured prep course. There's no doubt that some people are just great test takers, and the MCAT is a lot about test taking and IQ. It has no correlation with how well you will do in med school or even on USMLE step 1, it's been studied. Your sole goal is to kick *** on the MCAT (granted you have all the other credentials like good GPA, volunteer/work/life experience) and just do whatever it takes, even if it means spending a couple grand on a prep course, it will pay off in the end.

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    i mostly agree with troy.

    you can find tons of useful stuff online or at the bookstore. when i took the test I bought a review book and a question book. That was good enough for me. I ended up with a 36 i believe, but that was a few years ago.

    I would never pay to take a class like that, but i am good at studying on my own, and not so good at learning in classes. If you are the kind of person that does best when you are in a formal class environment (and there's nothing wrong with that, it's just a different learning style) then you might benefit from Kaplan. Of course, it's a lot of money.

    For me the best thing was to save the cash, study by myself and spend all that money on a big party after i took the MCAT.

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    no, they write their own, but they are very much like the actual MCAT. Don't waste your money on the courses from Kaplan or anybody else, just get the practice tests online from Kaplan, Princeton review, AAMC, or go to Borders and get them in print. just take a test, review material on questions you did pooly on, and take another test.

    Source(s): Kaplan instructor (yes, I am a bad employee telling you not to take the class) and current med student, 37Q on MCAT without a prep course
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