Is it possible to shink an article of clothing, lets say a button-down shirt, at least one full size down?


It is 100% cotton. I can't exchange the shirt because I have already worn it and it's been much over 30 days. I wouldn't want to just buy a new one and forget about this one. What a waste. Also, does anyone know the exact process of shrinking it only one size, approximately, so that I don't over-shrink it?

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    Only if it's 80-100% cotton and you wash it in hot water and dry it for a long time on high. Otherwise, you need to just pay the $$ and buy a shirt that fits!

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    100% cotton wil shrink the first time you dry it in a hot dryer......but it's not could shrink it more than one size...i mean not from a large to a medium but from a 15 1/2 inch neck and 33 in sleeves to 14 1/2 and 32 in sleeves...but really just go buy the size shirt you need

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    yes, I washed some of my shirts (cold water) then put them in the dryer and now they don't fit. They fit great when I bought them, but now can't get them buttoned so I have to wear a tank under them now or I coudn't wear them at all.

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    Hi fan/contact :)

    I can tell you yes because if you put it in a dryer (on HOT!!!) then it will dry... If you put it in constantly, it will definately end up shrinking up to one full size...


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    i don't think so

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