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i have a convict cichlid and a jack dempsey chichlid that have fry now.?

i curently have fry that are from a convict and a jack demspey. the fry are doing ok for now its just i am worried that the parents might do something. this is the first time for the to breed and this is the first time for me to handle fry. any suggestions and/or advice would be great


i just want to make sure that the parents aren't going to eat their babies. if they even will

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    A large percentage of the fry will most likely perish simply because they are a hybrid. Many deformities and internal complications can result, but you will still have a strong number survive. My convict and my texas cichlid paired up, and had a batch of fry, and less than half survived, but that still left me with over 100 fry.

    If you don't want them to be eaten, remove them. Wait until they are free swimming, and they should be strong enough to survive on their own. You can feed them crushed flakes, or you can buy fry food at your lfs. A separate 10g tank will be suitable. Good water quality is essential for fry to survive so keep up on the water changes. Good luck, hopefully some will turn out with some nice colors.

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    Since the fry are hybrids,the parental behavior is in question. It would probably be best to remove the fry and grow them out in a separate tank. I'd really be curious to see a photo of them when they start to "color up". Good luck.

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    if you really want to raise the fry then you must remove them and raise them separately. if this was just a fluke accident and you don't mind their existence, then let mature take its course most will disappear but a few will still survive and i think a couple of fish in tank is better than 50.

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    The father takes them in his mouth, to protect them.If you see that, DON'T worry.

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