are there living descendants of Abraham Lincoln?

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    No, the last one died in the 1980s. He used to make the gameshow circuit, like "Guess My Line" and "To Tell the Truth".

    ROBERT TODD LINCOLN "BUD" BECKWITH, b. July 19, 1904, Riverside, Illinois; d. December 24, 1985, Saluda Home, Rte 17, Saluda, Middlesex Co., VA at 6:05 p.m., Christmas eve

    Source(s): Lincoln's Last Descendant Dies," Madison (Wisconsin) Courier, December 26, 1985
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    I found this interesting:

    Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith married Hazel Holland in either 1927 or 1937. (Sources differ.) Hazel was a widow whose son was only ten years younger than Robert. She had several children from her previous marriage, but had no children with Robert. They were on the verge of a divorce when she died in 1957. He married Annemarie Hoffman in 1967. Annemarie became pregnant in 1968, but Robert had had a vasectomy in 1962. A test concluded that Robert was "completely sterile." When the baby was born, Annemarie named the boy Timothy Lincoln Beckwith and listed Robert Beckwith as the father. In 1976, the District of Columbia Superior Court ordered a blood test to determine paternity, but she refused to submit her son for the tests. The courts eventually ruled that Timothy Beckwith was the product of an adulterous relationship and not the son of Robert Beckwith after all.

    So the conclusion? Without a blood test, who can say for sure? A vasectomy isn't one hundred percent effective and there's a small chance that Timothy Beckwith is indeed the son of Robert Beckwith. If he is, then he's the last living descendant of Abraham Lincoln. If not, the last one was Robert Beckwith who died in 1985.

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    By marriage, most likely, yes. My aunt has done an extensive family history on my dad's side of the family, and she knows that we are related to Mary Todd Lincoln......she just can't find the last link that proves it beyond the shadow of any doubt. You can find me at

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