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so how do i get this guy to break up with his girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so i like this guy..and i think he likes me and we were talkin all day!! and he keeps tellin me im good lookin and everything..but he has a gf and i have known him for along how do i work here lol?!?! i really like him "alot"!!??!!??!!??!!??!!

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    Are you trying to purposely Sabotage their relationship?

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    I'll tell you what you should do. Back off and leave them alone, and stop being a tramp. If he's in a monogamous relationship, then he should be off-limits to you. If you break them up and start dating him, what's that gonna say about him, and about your relationship? Do you really want to date a guy who has no problems dumping his girlfriend the moment something new and fresh comes along? If you do, then soon enough you'll find out exactly how his current girlfriend felt, when somebody else starts flirting with him and then decides to do the exact same thing to you.

    Take it from me, you'll get a lot more happiness hitting on a single guy.

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    Just keep one thing in mind, if he is flirting with you while still involved with her, what is going to happen if you do get together and someone else catches his eye? Will he be flirting with her behind your back?

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