I need help with DSL.?

Ok well I was wondering if I have the same modem for AT&T DSL internet and if I had the same phone line that receives the internet to begin with then would I be able to use my modem for the internet also? I can explain more if I need to.

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    From your question it sounds like you are a little confused about how DSL works. Your DSL "modem" can only be used for your internet connection, it does not provide any connectivity for your POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) voice connection.

    POTS and DSL share the same physical connection to your house. This connection is a pair of copper wires. The way that both of these services can share the same wires is that the signals are sent at very different frequencies. POTS is sent over the wires at 0 to 4 Kilohertz. DSL is sent over the wires at 25 Kilohertz upto 1.5 Megahertz. Think of it like different radio stations. The radio station at 97 megahertz does not interfere with the radio station at 105 megahertz because they are broadcasting at different frequencies.

    Actually in the case of DSL the strength of the signal is so strong that if it shares the wires with POTS its signal will drown out the POTS signal. This is why AT&T gives you those little filters to plug into telephone jacks on which you will be using a telephone. These are low pass filters that will block out any signal over 4 kilohertz. These low pass filters keep the DSL signal from drowning out the POTS signal.

    In fact your DSL modem is not a modem at all. It is actually a transceiver that is one half of a synchronized communication device. The other half of the system is a DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer). Your DSL modem and the DSLAM communicate with each other to transmit your data packets from your home to the local "central office" where the DSLAM is located. The DSLAM then relays your data to the internet through AT&T's network.

    I'm guessing from your question that you are upgrading from a dial-up connection to a DSL connection. In the case of your dial-up connection you did in fact use a modem (Modulator/Demodulator) this converted your data into a POTS signal that used the 0-4 khz band on your telephone line. Now that you are using DSL that 0-4khz band is free to do nothing but handle your voice communications. Your data will now be transmitted through the DSL "modem" to use the 25khz to 1.5mhz signal on your telephone line.

    I hope I discerned your issue correctly and that my explanation helps.

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    Yes, DSL uses the same line that you talk on, which makes it a pos internet service. Get cable internet if you can, it blows DSL out of the virtual water.

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