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Does anyone know where I can get marketing material for our restaurant? Some marketers like Rory Fatt claim to give you pre made templates for your newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, that are proven to get more customers. His program is very expensive though. Are there any websites that have these advertising templates that are not so expensive? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You would do best to avoid generic templates at all cost. If you want to promote your restaurant through the newspaper, the question is: can you afford to do it with enough frequency? Newspaper and radio are top-of-mind. Once you get in them, you'd better stay in them...and that is costly.

    If you have a local, non-chain, mom and pop operation, the best thing you can do to promote your restaurant is to treat your current customers better than the expect to be treated. Go the extra mile. Put big onion rings on burgers without listing it in the description on the menu, give away bite-size treats as you stroll through your unit, give your customers surprise chocolate chip cookies after their meal.

    Then, market to your radius of customers. 3-5 miles. You don't need templates. Ever direct marketing business in your town can pinpoint your customers and help you make an offer that is effective.

    The days of big media are over. Save your money and promote from within. Invite hotel desk workers to an after work party. Go the extra mile with your neighbors.

    Looking for free templates is a waste of your time and efforts.

    Good luck.

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