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Leopard geckos?

Do you know any sites about what leopard geckos do to have eggs?i have a boy and girl and i want eggs to be responsible for.


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    I think the first answer kind of made me laugh. No, you don't know how to care for the eggs thats why you are asking! jeesh.

    Anyways. You want to know about breeding, egg incubation, and baby care right?

    ALL THAT INFO RIGHT HERE!!! (follow the link at the bottom of the page for hatchling care)

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    Really? Because the mating process is really harsh on the female. They can be injured (the male bites down on her neck) and it shortens their lifespan. Also, the little babies require a lot of care. I don't know of any websites but I usually turn to books. Petco has a book called Leopard Geckos for Dummies which I bought and read all the way through. I consider it to be top notch leopard gecko literature. I recommend reading that.

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    Um, do you have any idea how to take CARE of eggs? What to put them in? Do you own a professional incubator, which is the ONLY way to successfully hatch an egg into a baby gecko? If not, you'd better keep them apart, otherwise you'll just have eggs that die and that's mean and horrible.

    Hey Yelaxen the genius- can you read? Because the question had nothing to do with the CARE of eggs, if you READ it, it's asking how to get geckos to breed in the first place because she 'wants' eggs. But kudos to you for being so brilliant that you saw the parts of the question that weren't written. Between illiteracy and a tendency to laugh for no reason, you'd better be careful or you'll be tested for retardation.

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    Think about it before you do it. After years of owning Leopard Geckos I got a nice looking male with the intention of breeding my females. I did a LOT of research, even made my own incubator. There is a lot of information on the internet, just google it.

    After one season I had one baby hatch and one of my females almost die from egg retention. It is VERY hard on the females to constantly be egg bound and it takes a lot out of their systems. I decided not to breed my geckos again. It was really hard on me to see them in rough shape and know that it was my fault. The only reason my female lived through being egg bound was because she was in excellent health and condition before the ordeal.

    Think about it. Think about it again, then decide.

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