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Why do they let people in the exit row board an airplane early?

Is it to familiarize themselves with the exit row procedures??


I'm an Elite flyer with NWA. I fly 60,000 miles per year. NWA boards First Class, then Elites and Exit rows. ELite flyers board at the same time as Exit Rows. On occasions where I have not been upgraded and am sitting in an exit row, they don't ask about my willingness to help in the event of an emergency until 90% of the people have boarded.

I suspect they board exit rows first out of habit and thet they USED to go over procedures early. I was windering if anyone can confirm.

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    It is to go over the emergency exit procedures and to make sure they still want to sit there after they have been told what is expected. If not then they have to find someone else to sit there.

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    Some airlines give preference to exit rows to people with elite status, so they board early because they have elite status. They always wait until folks are on the airplane before they ask about whether you are willing to be an exit row person.

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    They let people in the exit rows on early because they need to ask them if they are willing to help people out of the exit during an emergency. If they don't answer in the affirmative they have to find them a seat in another row and find a new volunteer for the exit row. Since this is a pain for them they like to get it settled before the plane is full of demanding passengers.

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    All airlines board differently and not all board exit rows first.

    Many airlines only release these in advance for their Elite frequent fliers. They don't open up to the leisure traveler until the day of departure. That's why you may have noticed they board first, since Elite members get to pre-board.

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    No it is not that thay half to ask the people if they will help in case of an emergeicy if not they send them to the back of the line. It is such a pane in the but they do it ferst to get it out of the way or it is first class and the people that are better than you or they think that they are:). If i am rang witch i am not. You can call and ask them if you must know it that much. Good luck and have fun.

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    They don't... the ones that board early are First Class and people with elite status.

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