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Student must have cosigner although paying cash?

My daughter has worked, established credit 800+.

She has worked then gone to school, then worked to make money to return to school.

She has decided to change schools, a private school.

She informed them she'd like to make monthly payments on the tuition, if she may.

They tell her to do that she needs a cosigner. I can understand that, since it is sort-of like taking out a loan.

She then told them, in that case, she'll pay the entire tuition, up front.

They told her regardless of whether the tuition is paid in installments or in cash, she will not be accepted without a cosigner.

What? Why would they need, what reason could they possibly have to require a cosigner, when tuition is paid in full, in cash?

She says that's the way it is. No cosigner, no admittance.

This seems absurd to me & maybe even illegal.

She asks me not to challenge them on it, because if I do, they will not admit her because she has caused trouble.


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    I can understand a co-signer required for partial cash payments, however, I don't believe they are legally allowed to refuse payment IN FULL IN CASH - cash is legal tender, and must be accepted.

    Imagine if retail stores could refuse cash payments and require a cosigner?

    My only question is that you say she'd pay the tuition in full up front - however, are there other university charges that would need to by paid in installments, such as dorm rent, lab fees and cafeteria plan that would need to be addressed?

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    Something is fishy. Either your daughter wants a co-signer and is not telling you why ... or ...

    The school is violating the law - if you pay cash (or equivalent) up front, there is absolutely no credit check permitted by law ... or ...

    There is also the possibility that there is a need for "credit" in the bookstore, dorms, or something like that.

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    yeah... sounds fishy! but, how old is she? If she is under the age of 24, she may just need a parent's signature on the cash payment plan. if the payments are high, the school may want it backed by a parent.

    good luck!

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    I would further delve into why they are needing a are basically giving them free reign to view your credit? That is odd. It almost seems illegal. Definitely check into it. If you have any friends that are attorney's- call in a favor.

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    Perhaps the cosigner is guaranteeing library fines or other things she have have to pay later..

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    I sure hope this isn't a business school she's planning to attend.

    Why not call a couple other colleges and get their opinion. It does sound strange to me.

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    Stand up to your daughter and tell her it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, and you won't do it. You failed to mention what school this is.

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