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will someone trade me any of these pokemon?

shaymin,darkrai,uxie,froslass,probopass,togekiss,yanmega,electrive,tangroth,or lickilicky.adam FC 1847 8401 4688


shaymin,darkrai,uxie,froslass,...lickilicky.adam FC 1847 8401 4688

i have a shiny wishcash,and have pretty much ever legendary.

Update 2:

ok tom i just need your email adress

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    Shaymin and Darkrai? You won't be able to get that! Unless if it's hacked. Uxie,Froslass and likitungs evolution accepted.

    Just mail me. But you have to trade me Azelf, It's damn hard to catch.

    Black Jack: Mesprit runs away, not Azelf. So don't so it if you don't know what you're saying!

    and my email is

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    1 decade ago

    Tom n... Azelf changes it location every time you move to a different area, so find the border of an area and keep crossing it until Azelf comes to that area. Suggested area: border of Route 205 and Valley Windworks.

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    ill give you a lickiliky orxie (possibly frolass but i have to evolve snowrunt first). My friend code is 2191 4324 8051. Email me when youre ready. My Email adress is also black jack is thinking of mesprit

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    I have an uxie, froslass, and lickilicky if you have any shinies or a rare pokemon.

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