Why do you believe in God without quoting scripture?

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    In your kitchen cabinet, you've probably got a spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle. If you twist the nozzle one way, it sprays a fine mist into the air. You twist the nozzle the other way, it squirts a jet of water in a straight line. You turn that nozzle to the exact position you want so you can wash a mirror, clean up a spill, or whatever.

    If the universe had expanded a little faster, the

    matter would have sprayed out into space like fine

    mist from a water bottle - so fast that a gazillion

    particles of dust would speed into infinity and never even form a single star.

    If the universe had expanded just a little slower, the material would have dribbled out like big drops of water, then collapsed back where it came from by the force of gravity.

    A little too fast, and you get a meaningless

    spray of fine dust. A little too slow, and the whole

    universe collapses back into one big black hole.

    The surprising thing is just how narrow the difference is. To strike the perfect balance between too fast and too slow, the force, something that physicists call "the Dark Energy Term" had to be accurate to one part in ten with120 zeros.

    If you wrote this as a decimal, the number would

    look like this:





    In their paper "Disturbing Implications of

    a Cosmological Constant" two atheist scientists

    from Stanford University stated that the existence of this dark energy term "Would have required a miracle... An external agent, external to space and time, intervened in cosmic history for reasons of its own."

    Just for comparison, the best human engineering

    example is the Gravity Wave Telescope, which was built with a precision of 23 zeros. The Designer, the 'external agent' that caused our universe must possess an intellect, knowledge, creativity and power trillions and trillions of times greater than we humans have.

    Absolutely amazing.

    Now a person who doesn't believe in God has to find some way to explain this. One of the more common explanations seems to be "There was an infinite number of universes, so it was inevitable that things would have turned out right

    in at least one of them."

    The "infinite universes" theory is truly an amazing theory. Just think about it, if there is an infinite number of universes, then absolutely everything is not only possible...

    It's actually happened!

    It means that somewhere, in some dimension, there is a universe where the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year. There's a universe where Jimmy Hoffa doesn't get cement shoes; instead he marries Joan Rivers and becomes

    President of the United States. There's even a

    universe where Elvis kicks his drug habit and still

    resides at Graceland and sings at concerts. Imagine the possiblities!

    I might sound like I'm joking, but actually I'm dead


    Some people believe in God with a capital G.

    And some folks believe in Chance with a Capital C.

    If you want more SCIENTIFIC PROOF I can give you more!

    Peace and blessings!

    Source(s): Perry Marshall cosmic.fingerprints.com
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    Good question. I get hatemail because I do quote scripture and I am Wiccan. People like to say the bible says such and such but do not want to take the time to look up scripture to prove it. I answered a question about tongues and got an email chastising me for using scripture to back up my point. I believe I was the only one out of all the answers that did quote scripture the others either agreed or disagreed without backing up their thought with scripture.


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    Because He saved me by dieing for my sin and because He has made Himself real to me to the point that I asked for my many sins to be forgiven. It's a personal experience that you have to want to happen. God does not force the belief of Him on anyone. But He does make Himself known to everyone so they have a choice about believing or not. Prayer is another way I know God is real. May seem schizophrenic but I talk to God and He talks back to me in alot of different ways. I don't physically hear Him with my ears but I know it in my thoughts. Hope that makes sense.

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    God does not show himself more to the literate than to the illiterate, blind, impoverished, etc.

    It's an ego thing to think that only thru scripture we can find God.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe in God because I see evidence of creation of everything in the world...and I know someone special was behind it all.

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    I quote my scripture. What do u want to know.

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    I believe in God because he took away my sin

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    I believe in God because he resucued me and save my life. He was the one who made it possible to leave all of my additions. I know that I could not have done it by myself.

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    god can be seen in nature.this system of the universe demands an inntellgent designer.

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    Because He first loved me. He promised that if I would seek Him that I'd find Him and so I did, and a wonderful thing happened........I can't stop seeking and He never stops revealing Himself to me! He wants to do that for you as well.

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