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Does having an A/C on fan only use a small (like 20-40 watts) amount of electricity?

Okay, I have this Air Conditioner. 10,000 BTU at 1020 watts. Tonight it is kinda cool so having the windows open is fine. However, my A/C is fairly large and takes up my biggest available window in my room. I have another window open but it's not giving a good crossbreeze so I have my A/C on low - fan only to get the air flowing. Does this use just a small amount of electricty like a regular fan. The compressor isn't on, just the fan.

Thanks in advanced for your answers.

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    It definitely uses a lot less electricity than when the compressor is running. The wattage that it uses will be specific to your A/C.

    You can probably find the exact wattage of the fan somewhere in your owners' manual. There may also be a small sticker just inside the vents of the A/C which might have info on it. Also, since you know the total wattage, if you can find the compressor wattage, subtract that from the total. Whatever is left over will be about what the fan uses.

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    with your fan on you should use less than having the air on. But remember when you run that fan you are also collecting dust, so make sure you change your filter every 2 months depending on how much you use it. Other wise if it gets full- your compressor will overwork itself (when you do turn on the air) causing it to ice up and you would really have a problem.

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