ok, ladies. i have a question for you.?

how would you want a guy to propose? im looking for ideas. im going to propose to my girlfriend, but i have no clue how im going to do it. ihve already (today) asked her dad for her hand. i know she'll say es. but how should i do it?


she is a pretty simple girl. i met her at church, so i dontreally want to propose there. i thought about the local park where we walk alot. but i havent got a clue about how i'd do it.

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    I'm normally not very sappy but I saw this proposal online and it made me cry a little. Then someone sent me another one. Not that you have to replicate either of these but really they were great.



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    First of all, I think it is great that you have gone ahead and asked her father for her hand in marriage. Some people call the practice outdated but I consider it respectful and romantic.

    As far as the proposal, that is hard for us to answer because we don't know your girlfriend. Is she a romantic? Is she adventurous? Is she simple or does she prefer things that are over the top?

    Think about what she enjoys. I'll tell you what I would have liked for a proposal. A serenade. A serenade, just like you asking her father for her hand in marriage, is classic and traditional. After the serenade, get down on one knee, tell her what she has meant to your life and what she will mean to your future, and pop the question.

    Or take her back to some special spot you two have been to. Like the place you had your first date, or the place you first said I love you.

    Two points to remember no matter what approach you take: 1) get down on one knee and 2) say her name when you ask her to marry you (Christy Smith, will you marry me?)

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    think of a place where you've been together that you had a real romantic time at, and consider returning there and asking her there. or, think of something that you know she really loves, and try to build the proposal surprise around that. you can also go on websites such as engagement ring or diamond ring websites like "a diamond is forever" where they sometimes have proposal ideas for guys. it all depends on what you think she'll like and what you'll both cherish the most later on when you tell the story of your proposal to your friends and family. good luck and congratulations! i'm sure you'll come up with an idea that she will love!

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    Think about what is special that you two share together. If you go to the park a lot together then pack a picnic for the two of you and propose to her there. Make it sentimental and you can't go wrong. Get creative. Use photographs to say "Will You Marry Me". Make her a cd of songs all having to do with marriage and ask her to marry you (if a love of music is something you both share). If you have a romantic date around your town like outdoor movie theaters outside of museums like some metro areas, then propose there. Or take her to a local fair and propose to her at the top of the ferris wheel. You just have to get creative about what is special to the two of you.

    Good luck to you!

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    Be creative!! That's number 1. The rest depends on what kind of person your soon-to-be fiance is. Does she like attention? Then do it in front of a lot of people.

    Don't use the overused... ie. sports game, written in the sky, etc. That's been done and done and done.

    Just put some imagination and creativity into it and you'll be just fine.

    Me.. I'd like it if he called into a radio station and they played it over the air (obviously, he'd be right there to get down on one knee when they aired it). Or in a busy restaurant or mall(I like attention) and whatever I ordered came with a ring on top. (You can do this at a food court, too... just have to plan ahead and let them know).

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    Go to the park where you walk, start walking, at some point get down on one knee and ask. She'll be totally surprised, and it won't be expected. She may suspect something is up if you try something out of the ordinary. This way you'll have the element of surprise on your side and the look on her face will be a priceless memory for you!

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    I always thought it would be nice to drive to the beach or the park and have him play a cd he mixed of all our favorite love songs. While each song was playing I would want him to tell me why it was his favorite in regards to our relationship. Then after playing "Say Yes" by Dusty Drake, a song about a man asking a woman to marry him, he would make his proposal. I never really thought so much about what he would say, until now. It would be nice for him to tell me that every time he hears a love song it reminds him of me in some way. I swear I would almost be a pile of mush by the time he proposed.

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    Is there a secluded place in the park? Go in advance and set-up a sunset or sunrise picnic. Have a friend watch the location and keep strangers (and bugs!) away until you get there. Surprise her with the picnic and then propose as the sun finishes doing its thing. I would recommend sunrise - beginning of a new day, beginning of your new life together.

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    With words that come straight from the heart. And somewhere special. Perhaps at the place where you two met, or your favourite restaurant. It is not about how elaborate or kooky the proposal is, it is the words that you say and that she feels that you mean them, that makes a proposal so special. Congratulations and good luck.

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    If you want to propose in the park, I think you should do it at night, when no one is around. You should get flowers and put one on ever bench before she gets there. Then let her see the flowers and put a note on the last one, she is going to find,let it say something like I love you and i love having you as my girl friend but.. Then say i want you as my wife, would you marry me.

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    My fiance' proposed to me on stage in front of about 600 people at a company Christmas party. He took the mic from the MC and called me on stage and proposed in front of everybody,

    Embarrassing, but very thoughtful and sweet. Good luck!

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