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Question about Tae Kwon Do?

I am looking for a Tae Kwon Do class for my 4yr old. How do I choose a good school? Are there things I need to look for? I want the best for him.

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    There is a popular TKD program for small children called "Little Dragon" in many TKD schools. It is specifically geared toward pre-school children. The classes are usually shorter (30 - 45 minutes) and do involve fun activities to keep the children interested in coming.

    The best way to choose a TKD school is to research the school. Go to the classes and watch a couple. Not just the youth, but the adult classes as well. Talk to the instructors and find out through whom they are certified. World TKD Federation (WTF) is the best in my opinion.

    There are a lot of schools that offer classes, but really aren't qualified to teach. There are a lot of schools that offer a basic curriculum (often called McDojos even though that is a reference to a Japanese style training) that is taught to everyone.

    I hope you find a good school for your son.

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    Tae Kwon Do has to many Mcdojos. Your son isnt going to learn anything at most schools. Id wait a little longer to start any type of MA. Me personally would wait till hes 6 or 7 and start in a good grappling art like Judo, BJJ, or Sambo many children can't handle striking arts at that age.

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    I'd find a Shotokan school instead. Taekwondo has a problem with McDojos which don't teach honor, or good self-defense. Shotokan has more good dojos designed to teach young people.

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    it is true there are many mcdojos, are schools that are just interested in money, for taekwondo. but there are two big organizations you can look for that are true taekwondo. try to find an ITF, international taekwondo federation, or a WTF, world taekwondo federation, around your area.

    if you cant find any of them, look around and try to get suggestions from friends. visit the schools and see if you can get some trial classes.

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    meh at that age its doesnt really matter too much just get a cheap and i mean CHEAP school that has reponsible instructors that care about people and wont get your kid hurt

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    wait a year or two, then find a class

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