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What do guys want from women?

Please exlude from your answers anything not appropriate for a minor. I am only 16. Anything of a sexual nature is not needed. But you can go short or detailed. A list would be nice. Just some examples of what I should do for this guys who I'm flirting with and examples of what I can do for him if we start dating. But guys, what do you want from us. Ladies what do you do for your guy. And please keep it nice, no bashing please

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    Sweetheart, Honeybun, you know that you love yourself to be brave enough to say on your age on a public page like Yahoo! and ask the question you did! And just to give you an answer...........Who cares what they want! It's all about you! Anything you want you can have! Anything you want in a guy you can have! Iam sure you are a beautiful person because you found someone who likes you! So don't settle and cater to his needs! But don't get me wrong. Ain't nuttin wrong with givin a lil love but don't to much! you are young, have fun and enjoy life!

    Hope this help, let me know if it does!

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    it is true...boys at 16 don't normally want a nice girl to take out. most boys are looking to hook up. there may be a few that do want a nice girl to go out with and treat well...but not likely. guys dont want that till their late 30's maybe. good luck with the guy u r flirting with. hopefully he is a nice guy. if you start dating, just treat him with respect...dont give in to any kind of pressure, and remember, you are only 16..dont worry about dating so much!

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    It depends a lot on the guy and how well grounded he is. A good man looks for a partner that he can share his dreams with. A man lacking confidence will look for a mother figure that will give him hope and direction. You want the first one because any guy looking for satisfaction in a relationship will never be happy.

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    What do i want from you. nicely said.






    these are probably the top five traits i would want in any girl, the fun aspect is always something that i'm looking for, although thats just me.


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  • Well if they are gentalmen

    1. Personality

    2. A little figure doesn't have to be hourglass

    3. A little openess {we cant do every move you know}


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    they want a lot of things but basically they want someone to be a friend. someone to talk with and go out with. what they don't want is someone who is needy and clinging. mostly, just be yourself and you'll find a guy who wants what you have to offer.

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    affection which will lead him in his life

    when he has some problems - care for him when you are a part of his life

    give what he wants fom you from what you have

    be carring about their parents also

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    Guy looking for somebody they can talk to, related to, understanding, a friend, and a lover.....

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    look for me ... i want a girl that i love her , care about her , trust her , feel jelouse and i wanna be the whole world to her ... i dont know how to explain .. but i think i did my best

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    a good personality is incredibly attractive I am drawn to nice people

    renee is just cynical, dont listen to her...

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