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Ok, so here is my situation ladies, last month my period was just about non exsistant, hardly enough for a panty liner. I took a pregnancy test and it should negitive, but the test was also a lil old, like 6 months. This month my period is the same way....I have not had alot of other pregnancy symptoms other than breast tenderness and no energy. Should I take another test or do u even think theres a possiblity I could be pregnant?

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    Honestly, since you've had 2 odd periods, you should just go straight to the doctor and have him/her do a pregnancy blood test and a thyroid test. You're going to end up at the doctor anyway...if you're pregnant, you'll have to go in and if your periods continue to be strange, you'll have to go in... so either way, you'll have to see a doctor. Might as well go now and have him/her do a blood test, which is more accurate anyway. Throw in a thyroid test too, because a thyroid that isn't working properly can make your periods funny.

    Good luck.

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    By your decription I take it you've been spotting, I did that when i found out I was pregnant, also I didn't have any symptoms at all except for being tired. You possible could be but at the same time not. But there is no harm in taking another test, they don't cost that much and its better to be on the safe side and get a new one that isn't too old.

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    Take another test, I myself have never been pregnant, but i had a scare once, the same thing happened to me and my mom swears that when she was pregnant with me she had monthly spotting the first 3 months.... just go buy another test, one that isnt old, and try again.

    Good Luck!!

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    Take another test just to be sure. Sore breasts and fatigue can certainly be signs of pregnancy.

    Good luck!!

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    it is definately possible that you are pregnant. i don't think it would hurt to take another test.

    Good Luck

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    Maybe you should ask a doctor if it's something else first, you could have another problem.

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    I don't think it would hurt... if anything it would calm you about it.

    I hope you get the answer you are looking for.

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