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Help! I am coaching T-Ball for the first time.?

Any ideas?

The kids are 3-6 years old and I need to come up with some games or drills to get them interested. What can I do to make it fun for them?

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    This is my 13th year coaching baseball (with 2 years experience coaching t-ball).

    The first thing you need to do is teach them the bases. Have them run the bases a few times. A fun game is to split them into 2 teams and have them have a relay race around the bases.

    Teach them how to properly throw a ball. Most kids throw off of the wrong foot. Rule #1 in throwing a ball: Make sure the person is looking at you (safety first).

    Teach them how to catch properly (it won't work for the younger ones, but it never hurts to know the proper way). Fingers pointed up for a ball above the waist and fingers pointed down for below the waist. Have the kids try to play catch.

    Teach the kids the proper stance at the tee (feet pointed at the plate). Make sure their hands are in the right order on the bat. Let them hit at least 6 balls.

    Include a lot of water breaks, as their attention wanes easily.

    Have a lot of help coaching. Split the kids up to work on different drills. Having 11 kids watch 1 kid hit off a tee is a recipe for disaster.

    Teach the kids the positions in the field. Roll them grounders and have them try to throw to 1st base.

    After working on the basics for first half of practice split the kids into 2 teams and have a short game. (not recommended until about the 3rd or 4th practice)

    Make sure to compliment a child when they do something correct or do something well. Positive reenforcement is key. Praise them as their skills get better (even it is just a little bit).

    Hope this helps.

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    Tough question! It's hard to keep the attention of young ones. Make sure you let them hit in practice. You may even want to make a little bit of time for them to face "live pitching" where you can just hoop them the ball. I always thought that'd be most beneficial for the young kids to get a headstart!

    You can throw them soft grounders and low popups too.

    It's a mess keeping them all in-line, but good luck!

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    You really need to find an asst coach who has been through that age group already, even as a parent.

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    i have played baseball for 14 years and till this day one of my favorite things is to just play catch. after that you could also have them roll ground balls to each other teaching the alligator technique. have them run the bases and see who is the fastest. but most of all, just set up a tee and let them go at it, they just want to play anyways.

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