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Help with Tennis mentally???

I play tennis and it's really tough to concentrate during a game, I either can't focus on what I'm doing and start daydreaming, or I over think shots. The only time when I can concentrate is when I'm a bit exausted my mind just go blank and I can focus in what I'm doing but it take long for that to happend. When this happends I tend to get frustrated and irritated and takes quite a bit to calm down. Can someone some relaxing and meditating exercises in and out of court to practice? PLEASE

thank you!!!!

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    that feeling you are describing of your mind going blank and be able to focus is sometimes called 'being in the zone' and a lot has been written about it. 'the inner game of tennis' by timothy gallwey is probably the most famous and highly regarded book on the mental game of tennis. it was written in the '70s and revolutionized the way players 'thought' about playing and is the basis of most of what has followed on the subject. you can pick it up on for like ten bucks used. it's a quick, easy read. i'd start there. it's full of techniques for achieving the mental focus you desire, and has lots of 'ah-ha' moments where you say, hey, that's exactly what i am experiencing on the court. also, a former ATP tennis pro named jeff greenwald has put out an excellent audiobook called 'fearless tennis' which deals with some of the same issues of concentration and how emotions can interfere with allowing our body to do what it knows instinctively how to do. his point is, you know how to hit a forehand, so let's look at the things you're telling yourself, or not telling yourself, that are complicating this task during match play. anyway, good luck, you're not alone. almost every tennis player deals with focus/concentration issues at some point.

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    i suggest you go to like huinour ladder games so you can get used to concentrating on the matcvh more and more. OR You can also take yoga it helps 1. focusing on one things 2. get more hamstring excersise. But yoga might be expensive with ternnis at the same time. What you can do the court is keeping saying something or talk to your self to keep you distracted from making horrible shots let your body let you do that shots. Since i cant talk to my self i just tend to say the hail mary.

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    you just have to relax. you have to think positive and remember that winning isn't everything. play your best and you never know what will happen. you can try squeezing a stress ball to calm you down before a match ..or even lisen to some soft or classical music =]

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    have you ever tried classicle music?it is useful,i myself once had the same situation,but now i am better

    or you can try massager

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