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How can a recovered anorexic lose weight healthly?

In the past 6 months I've pretty much fully recovered from a serious eating disorder i had for a while. I've been working out and eating what im suppose to but i cant seem to lose any weight. I work out 3-4 times a week and eat a 1600 calorie diet. I just want to be more healthy but it just seems like my metabolism is really slow still and i keep gaining fat, not muscle. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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    Your metabolism slows tremendously when you are not eating enough to keep it active. It may be that your body is still recovering from when you weren't providing it with enough calories, and it's just slow to get back going again. Working out and eating healthy are always good choices. But never overdo it. And since you are recovering from an eating disorder, it may also be good to have a partner to keep you on the right track and not let you fall back into old habits.

    It may seem slow right now, but your body should start to get back to normal soon. Just keep doing things the healthy way. Hope things continue to go well for you! And best of luck with your continued recovery!

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    I can think that is making you consider beautiful terrible; you look to be stuck in a cycle that you just can not to look some way out of. When someone unintentially starts this see-noticed main one additional out of manage of weight it turns into increasingly intricate to transport ahead. There are a couple of features that come to brain and undoubtedly others will arise with suggestions now not blanketed through me. On an fundamental stage, it will possibly conveniently occur that a feel of starvation is honestly thirst; it isn't exclusive for the messages to get crossed. The visible factor to take a look at this is to drink lots of water while you consider hungry. If you do that, take a diet/mineral complement that entails potassium as it's convenient to lose this while consuming extra. Another factor is to look the document and feature a thyroid position experiment. If the thyroid isn't functioning competently you'll conveniently placed on weight; at the same time you are at it, having had anorexia, get the document to do a complete set of blood assessments. This would possibly exhibit up some thing that may aid. It is viable, having had anorexia, that the reason is deeply mental - do not fear, that is very ordinary! From revel in i will say that using acupuncture and/or classical homoeopathy (take a look at the United Kingdom Homoeopathic Medical Association) has enabled ample stability to be completed which makes it possible for you and your method to recuperate manage. I strongly advocate the above steps. Also do not forget that a big factor is that eventually, something form you're you - and all people - need to receive ourselves as we're, finally what's within us is way more main in determining happiness and well being than what suggests at the external. Good Luck!

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    Your body must be trying to store all the food as it is experiencing change. The best thing to do is exercise everyday for at lease 30min, but no longer than a hour. 30min is what we require each day to maintain a good figure and be healthy.

    NEVER NEVER skip meals. Always have a healthy portion of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Work in a snack between brekkie and lunch or between lunch and dinner, keep it lite, e.g. few water crackers and cheese, apple, etc.

    Have red meat the size of your palm three times a week, drink alot of water to keep the bowels working.

    Stay away from sugery, fatty food and take aways. If you follow this you should soon start to see the results. This is a healthy plan for life, not just to lose weight, it will get you looking and feeling great and you will be healthy too.

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    Are you sure this is not your brain playing tricks on you? Just aim to be healthy. As long as you are eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, then please don't worry about your weight. If you are still concerned, talk to your doctor. From my experience anorexia is not something you 'get over' easily. Keep healthy :)

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    anorexia is no fun, i can understand your confusion and fear.

    call your dr and ask for referral to a good dietician or go to the dietician you had when you were treated for anorexia to help see what you need to do about your diet and weight.

    continue the exercise and healthy food, as long as you're healthy it's better than losing weight quickly. if you need to lose weight your dietician will help you . sometimes when weight loss is gradual you don't notice it ( losing weight slowly is the best way to go )

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    Your body may be in shock from when you were anorexic. Your body's metabolism shuts down when it doesn't have food to use for fuel...I would keep doing what you are doing and give your body time to get back on track...good luck;)

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