Does anyone know the plot of the supposed LotR prequel? (Not the Hobbit)?

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    what do you mean not the hobbit, that is the prequel to LotR. if you mean the movie, no one has been casted as of yet and MGM and New Line are still having disputes (MGM distributing rights and new line production rights). particularly peter jackson and new line. Peter claims that some sort of anomalies and profits from the fellowship were never distributed adding up to some 100 million dollars. If new line doesnt start filming production by 2008, they lose the rights to film and Saul Zaentz will receive them, who is an avid pj fan. MGM is supposedly behind pj also. I know that weta will work for the film even without PJ, though reluctantly. and that Ian McKellen is wanted as Gandalf and Ian, although he wants peter wants to be gandalf again. Ian holm as bilbo is doubtful because of his age. Hopefull in a couple of years we will see the Hobbit in theater (we will eventually, too much $ to be made) with Peter Jackson at the head. I also heard that they were thinking of splitting the Hobbit into two films to put in as much detail as possible without making a single movie too long.

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    Hmmm.... A prequel but not the Hobbit . Yep got it.

    You mean the dangers that the dunedain fought (fathers of Aragorn). The dunedeins are being rampaged by goblins, orcs and the I think it was Angmar who wishes to eliminate the Dunedains. Then it was also the time where Aragorn's mother brought her child to rivendell for caring of Elrond because of the threat their race now face.

    Yes the Dunedain's kingdom were splitted into 3. And it was Angmar who took advantage of these. The Witchking knew that the Dunedains were descendants of the Numenorean race. They have elvin blood, Maiar blood and far more nonle than the men of middle earth.

    I think that it is. That's all the info I can get from my head I am sorry if I made mistakes.

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    There is currently no story for the prequel. New Line is attempting to cash in on the success of the LotR films by creating this prequel. They have no director and most of the actors from the trilogy have no desire to reprise their roles without Jackson involved.

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    Hmmm... one would have to pull stories from the Silmarillion in order to decently deal with the history of Middle-Earth prior to the War of the Ring without using the Hobbit.

    [Opinion Time] I'd want them to make The Hobbit myself, to see Ol' Smaug "the chiefest and greatest of calamities" on the big screen. [Okay, I'm done.]

    I'm not sure which of the others could be turned into a decent film. The Hobbit is the only novel to work with. The Silmarillion is, basically, history book.

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    If its going to be as bad as the three jackson ones, the plot will be a lot people just walking around I suppose!

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    no prequel..without Jackson behind the camera no ones plot as yet been written

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    the Hobbit,.

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