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makeout tips???

where are good places to makeout??

when are good times to makeout???

what are some good ways to make out?? you know, to make it more fun??

im accepting any tips, not just the ones that answer the questions above

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    the rain is always fun... but don't do it on a beach, learned the hard way on that... rain and sand don't mix... ok maybe they do it was fun too

  • Anonymous
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    There a few things that i go Crazy for... However the basic idea is you do something that is unexpected, out of the blue, and makes him realize that you're there and you really want him. So my favorites... 1. When we're sitting down making out and the girl just straddles me. 2. When she runs her hands through my hair. 3. When she starts kissing down your neck... I know u might be thinking that the guy should do it... but it is amazing when she does it just cause its sooo different from what you expect. 4. Just keep those hands moving... whatever you do don't just stop... move your hands all over. 5. Also - go for the ear, as they say in the famous meet the fockers, the ear is the most sexual part of the body.. kiss around it whisper into it etc. good luck! and hope you can give your guy what he deserves

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    the best places/times to make out are when it is a really romantic setting like you go out for dinner and then take a walk somewhere....or girls really like it if you suprise them with it. just try not to do it where there are tons of people because its better/more comfortable when its just the two of you or few people around. girls usually like it if the guy does small things like lift her chin up a little before going in for the kiss, puttin your fingers through her hair, holding her waist/bringing her into you, etc. you can usually tell by a girls actions/expressions when she is having a great time or the mood is really good for it (especially smiling and looking into your eyes). something different could be to lightly bite or suck her bottom lip after you finish or even during. its best to go with the flow and not have a set list of things youre going to do because then it will feel forced and the girl will probably be able to tell. its hard to say for all girls though but thats just some tips.

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    Good places: Romantic moonlit walks, movies, fancy restuaunt, any place that feels comfortable

    Whenever both of you want to, don't let it be awkward for wither of you. it's nice at the end of the date when the guy is walking the girl to the door.

    I don't know how to make it more "fun" Just let it be natural and what you like.

    NEVER force a makingout on a girl if she doesn't want to

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    good place: beach or at any sunset or sunrise. or any place romantic.

    good times: when you two are gazing into each others eyes. or when she is upset with you. tell her you'll find a way to make it better.

    good ways: move your tongue around the inside of there lips and you can play with her/his tongue.

    tips: dont just be kissed kiss back.

    move your hands.

    put them around her waist or on her face or run your fingers in her hair. just put them somewhere. lol.

    tilt your head so your noses dont bump into each other

    try new things. dont be afraid to experiment a little.


    breathe through your nose. yo udont want to pass out on your partner.

    have fun. =]

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    haha well...

    whenever, wherever, as long as it's not inappropriate/embarrasing.

    You could do it super-fast just for fun, and then slow it down to make it sweet, and then kiss her cheek and neck a little bit. Just mix it up, have fun :)

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    1.) The movies, the beach, while watching a romantic scene

    2.) Whenever it feels right, or whenever you feel that words are superfluos

    3) 2 words: Breath mints

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    where to makeout-anywhere

    when-everytime the opportunity presents itself

    ways-every possible way imaginable

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    Sweety, making out is good wherever and whenver. I personally love to make out in the rain.

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    the rain, and behind your school lol.

    um... at night really any part of the day.

    and if you french it is really fun um...if you put your arms around her and run your fringers thru her hair... we really love that... unless you pull her hair... that's not fun lol good luck!

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