Should I contact my ex or wait?

I haven't spoken with my ex girlfriend who dumped me for two months. Monday night at two in the morning her friend calls me. She is drunk but she is very nice girl. Much nicer than my ex. My ex never picked up the phone. I talked to this girl for half an hour (first 15 minutes I had no idea who it was). She kept telling me how my ex had broken up with man and that he was a dousche bag. It was a drunken call. I was drunk too. I noticed she lifted her profile off myspace and changed her number because of him. That was weird. My question is.....Did she have her friend call me to see if I missed her? Or was this drunk girls trying to have fun? She wasn't rude or offensive, I thought she was hillarious so I didn't mind talking to her friend. I heard the ex breathing on the phone though.It was weird. Is she trying to creep back in? Or does it mean nothing?They are in their early 20's.I should not contact right? I haven't hear anything since but did a get a text from some number (hapy bday)


I haven't heard from her since. I do miss her, but more importantly, I want to find out why she changed her life for this guy when she got rid of him. Did he beat her up or something? Was he there when I went out with her?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would wait and see if she contacts you when she is sober...

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