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how do i deal with my husband deploying over seas for 15 months in July?I dont know what to do.?

My husband leaves for over seas in July and will be deployed for 15 months.He's in the army and with everything that is going on over there I was just looking for some advice on what to do and how to tell our daughter who is three and explain why daddy isnt coming home for a year.


And i'm not worried about the sexual part I can go without it!!!

Update 2:

Ok not worried about the cheating part.I know he loves me and would not do anything like that.I am proud of my husband he him my hero and my daughters along with every man and women in the amred forces.I pray for ever soul fighting for our freedom

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  • Andrea
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    yeah i am with you, my husband is leaving also (for the second time). There is really nothing much you can do about the leaving part cuz its gonna happen anyway. But you can get and keep yourself very busy to try and pass the time more quickly. As for your daughter, you will have to tell her that he is doing his job and that he has a very important job. You know give her something to be really proud of her daddy about. Hook up a web cam for your computer, because my husband last time he went got a lot of time on the internet when he wasn't out and about you know....and send care packages and email and talk to him as much as possible. Try not to fight (but that is really hard because just being so emotional about being without him made me fight sometimes with him "just because") but yeah, its really hard and i totally know how you are feeling, a lot of women do. Good luck, and really hang out with friends and family to try and pass the time!

  • Sparky
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    Its hard to tell a 3 yr old daddy is going away and I know it will be hard for you to deal with it, the best thing you can do is support him 100% no matter how scared and worried you are, be proud you are married to a man that going over seas to fight for our freedom, make your daughter a shirt that says "my daddy is in the army fighting for our freedom". Take up a extra hobby or do some volunteer work to help the time pass, remain positive and stay proud of your hubby, Americans are proud of him and everyone like him.

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    I feel compelled to answer your question as I am going through this myself. My daughter will be going out in Oct. for 15 months, it is very hard to keep yourself together so I'll tell you what worked for me. This is her 2ND time and by writing letters with you and your daughter it will help. Also keep in touch with the Internet maybe invest in one of those cameras to keep you all connected. Also look into your base to see if other wives have formed a group and join up with them. They can also help with all of the day to day problems that may come along. Last but not least be in touch with family members they will help you and your daughter to stay sane. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and may your loved one stay safe in a crazy place.

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    Sweetie I know its very hard when it comes on separation between man and wife. Like what you said you respect your husband because of his work. You have the rights to be concern about when it comes to that country of Iraq,but you must know your husband will not be working there alone, and when it comes of his harms way,he will be safe. Ad about your daughter who's 3 years old, she will be fine, young enough to know that her daddy will go away because of his job.

    Before your husband leaves, the two of you needs to sit with her and just be honest with by saying that daddy will be gone for a long time because of his work. Your lucky that she's young enough to remember this one. Just try not worry about him and your daughter. Be strong for both of them, so your baby will not sense that something is wrong. Let your faith do all the magic.................and always remember that your husband will be watching by his guardian angel...

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  • NAN G
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    God bless you and your family. Just take one day at a time, and I would wait until your daughter asks questions and then answer one at a time. She is really young to try and explain about her daddy being gone for that length of time. Let her draw pictures, etc. to send to him, and have him write personal notes to her. Good luck to you all........

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    It certainly won't be easy for you, but it will be even harder for him. You need to support him in any way you can. Write him everyday and your little girl can draw him pictures and send him things to keep him close to her heart. It would be helpful if he could make several videos of himself. As many as possible. She would enjoy them over and over. Also a web cam may be helpful. Good Luck.

  • Chrys
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    you live your life. You tell your daughter the truth and hang out with others in the same boat (so to speak). There are places at your post to help women/men left behind...

    Source(s): 21 yr AF spouse (2, 1 yr 's in Greece and TDY's up the ying/yang..I seldom saw him and it's the same way now, he's a civilian working for the AF.)
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    well my dear..what options do u have?

    im sure ur hubby isnt looking forward to it either.

    your going to have to make the best of a bad situation and make your family feel secure. your the one whos gotta get strong and get there fast... BUT you can do it... 15 months is a long time...but families do it everyday...keep your chin up..

    and invest in some good webcams... in this day and age..keeping in contact has never been easier..

    best of luck..

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    It will be difficult! Look for a support system on base. There is something or someone there to help you with this!

    Source(s): prior air force!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well his chances of cheating have gone up 300% and thats something you have to think about. Id make sure and send him nude photos regularly.

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