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Travling Global, any tips?

I'm leaving for Europe in one week, and I want to know what I should bring on the flight. Getting away from airplane food, ways to stay fresh, etc. Please help me!


I'm flying Contenental Airlines.

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    well, I dont know where you are leaving from, but for me, the flight is between 10-11 hours. These are some things that I would do:

    Take an iPod and a new book to read and to keep you occupied.

    Take some fruit,(apples, grapes, oranges) granola bars, trail mix, healthy low calorie stuff. But I always eat airplane food, I just stay away from the starches and eat only the salads, meat and veggies that they offer. If you do that, then you should be able to stay in a normal calorie range.

    How to stay fresh, bring a hand towel with you and get up a few times during the flight to rinse of your face. Don't put excessive make up on, if possible, none at all and allow your skin to breathe. Bring a little bottle of lotion and just lotion up your hands shortly after you take off and shortly before you land. Put some Vitamin E on your lips before you leave and that will enable you to keep your lips hydrated.

    Overall, just enjoy your flight and your trip.

    P.S. If you go to Germany, make sure to visit Nürnberg =] its one of my absolute favorite cities (behind San Francisco) =]]

    Source(s): I fly to Europe quite a bit.
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    Actually the food on Continentals overseas flights is pretty good. I flew my niece to Paris on Continental and she said the food wasn't too bad. Most of the flights to Europe are overnight flights so you're better off just going to sleep.

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    hi, i travel alot and i always bring a book (like a novel), snacks, something to do (like a crossword puzzle book), and music (my ipod lol). For a snack, i bring trail mix and those chewy bar things. have fun in europe (if you're going to scotland, make sure you go to inverness, its beautiful)

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