why does this happen to me?

sometimes i feel like i want kids. but when i talk to my 13 year old friend and she looks up to me. she starts asking questions that "big" ppl know answers to. example she wanted to know what orgy ment and i told her she didn't need to know yet. what i'm trying to say is that when i go through that with her sometimes when she says she did something like ask on here about the orgy i get mad at her and makes her sad. then i feel bad and i feel like i'm scared to be a parent. why does this happen to me? i'm 17 so i know i have a long time before i have kids

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    You shouldn't really worry about this. You could be honest with her, since 13 is a good age to be educated about sexual things. If she's not educated, she'll do something dumb. Just because I knew the meaning of orgy as a teenager doesn't mean that I would ever consider being in one. You know what I mean?

    It's not your job to be her parent. It's your job to be sorta like a cool older sister to her. Keep her safe and just have fun :)

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    Ok this really has nothing to do with you being a parent - 13 year olds are going to ask questions but you are too young to have to deal with what she is asking right now. When you do become a parent you will handle questions when they come and by the time your kid is 13 (lets say you had a baby right now) you would be 30 and well equiped to answer. My question to you is why is your friend asking you these questions about sex? it must make you feel really uncomfortable and at 17 you are hardly equiped to deal with them. Just remember when you have a child, you grow with them as they grow, and their questions and concerns start simple, by the time they are up to questions about sex, believe me you will be well able for them.

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    You feel scared to be a parent because you are not ready to be a parent - there are way too many other things for you to do first.

    Kids are difficult and don't come with a lot of direction so even when you are a mother, you'll still find parts of it tough. But you will be in a better place to do it than right now.

    Trust me, it will work out. Don't worry about this too much, especially right now.

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    Honestly, it happens to you because you are a normal 17 year old. Relax and don't worry about it right now. As you continue to mature you will develop the patience, confidence and skills it takes to be a parent if you choose to have kids.

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    I would either tell or not tell judging on her behavior and maturity level.

    If you want some cheesy answer, go tell her to ask her parents and if they answer.. good for her. If they don't, then dont answer

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    find friends your own age.

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    What is your question?

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