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"all messages marked spam have been deleted forever", does this sentence grammatically correct?

Can 'marked spam' be a correct restrictive phase for 'all messages' grammatically?


Is this sentence grammatically correct? Sorry.

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    Your question by itself is grammatically incorrect.

    Because , "does this sentence grammatically correct" itself is a wrong usage. It should read "Is this sentence grammatically correct?".

    As for the question, "all messages marked spam have been deleted foreve" is indeed a grammatically correct sentence. For, it means "all messages (which have been) marked spam have been deleted forever.

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    "All messages marked spam have been deleted forever" is grammatically correct.

    "Does this sentence grammatically correct?" is not grammatically correct.

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    Yes it can, however...and I quote...

    "does this sentence grammatically correct?"


  • Anonymous
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    I think so, if you accept that 'marked spam' is just shorthand for 'that have been marked spam'.

    It's modern-correct :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ... have been permanently deleted. ~

    ..., is this sentence ...

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