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Was a Scammed on Ebay? Help?

I purchased a rare LP (record album) on ebay for right under $500.

The seller send me a different record in its place. I emailed the seller and told him I was sent the wrong LP and I sent it back to the seller with delivery confirmation. yet, seller says it was never recieved. What can I do to resolve this since the seller is no longer responding to my emails nor is he no longer a member of ebay. He's a suspended user. Also, I paid with a US Postal Money order. Anyone have any advice for me? Am I out of luck?

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    file a report with ebay and then contact your local police department they'll take it from there.......unfortunately you probably wont have much luck.

    Start here:

    Mail fraud is the route that Ebay and the police will most likely take by contacting Ebay first they will provide the police with all required info if any:ip address ect.

    Hope it works out for you.

    To reduce the chances that you may be victimized by fraudulent online auction or retail sales schemes, here are two basic tips:

    Research The Prospective Seller Carefully. If you haven't had personal (and favorable) experience with someone who's offering certain goods for online sale or auction, look for sources of information at the Web site where the offeror's information is posted, and at other Web sites. Some online auction sites provide their member with opportunities to provide "feedback" on their experiences with particular sellers (although certain sellers have tried to manipulate the "feedback" process by posting favorable but false reports about themselves).

    Pay by Credit Card or Escrow Service If Possible. If you charge your online purchase on a major U.S. bank-issued credit card, your liability may be limited to $50 under any circumstances, and at least one credit-card issuer has recently indicated that it will waive the $50 deductible. In the alternative, some online auction Web sites offer escrow services that (for a small percentage) will guarantee delivery of the ordered goods before releasing your payment to the seller.

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    Internet fraud is very difficult to deal with. Instead, file a police report citing mail fraud as the complaint which can ultimately get the feds involved. Either way, by law, if he is depriving you of access to your lawful personal property, he has committed a crime - stealing, petit larceny, how ever your jurisdiction might want to define it.

    Because he was an ebay user, his addresses, contact numbers, etc. are on file so a search for other victims of his would not be that difficult on your part.

    Try to gather up as much evidence against this guy as possible by:

    1) Look at his bidding/selling history. Try to contact other people who have dealt with him. This might be difficult, but start by sending them a message thorugh an item they are selling, asking of their experience with you criminal. Even if it means that you have to buy a cheap trinket from someone just to be able to get thier contact information do so.

    2) Research the kind of things this guy is selling/buying and try to find him under his new ebay name by searching for the same stuff.

    Good Luck to You.

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    Contact EBAY and open a claim. Additionally, the sale may be protected with their Buyer Protection program, and you may be eligible to get your money back. I always use paypal when I buy stuff. In a situation like this, they would reverse the payment and put it back into your account if the person still has a bank account.

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