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Please read, it's not complicated!! What is going on with this guy?

He confuses me so much, I hate not knowing where I stand.

We usually talk on myspace - if he comments me...

and we see each other at summer school. We smile at each other, and yesterday he actually came up and hugged me for the first time! :) Today he didn't, cus I don't really think he had the opportunity to. However, I feel like I always need to impress him, and if he doesn't hug/or comment me that day, I always think that I looked bad that day or something =( But then he surprises me by commenting or hugging. Do you think he just doesn't comment everyday cus he doesn't want to seem too attatched or w/e? How do I know where I stand in his eyes? Where do you think I stand? We smile at eachother every single day --- no matter what though..

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    He obviosuly likes you in whatever way, he is still fond of you, but commenting to much or everyday would seem something only a bf would do, or even a stalker-and I'm sure he doesn't want to scare you away, he is just taking it slow. Enjoy the ride.

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    i think that this guy you speak of is very nice.. and yeah i thik he just doesn't want to coment on you becuase he doesn't want to seem axntius or w,e.... thats my guess

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    i think that he is in love with u but afraid to say it to u and i think that u are in love with him too.

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    He likes you, go with it!

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