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how long can baby broiler chicks stay in their shipping boxes with out food or water?

our chicks were shipped today and they are staying over night at the post office but they have not eaten or drank anything. i know they suck in the yolk before they hatch but it seems they have to drink something to keep everything going. has anybody experience this before? i am a little nervous for mortality and stuff.

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    I have recieved chicks by mail and after 4 days they were fine. I actually lost one chick out of 50, but it died after about a week, so I don't attribute it to the shipping! They should be fine for at least 3 - 4 days!

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    they are fine for like three or four days because they are still living off of whats left over of their yolk. don't worry.

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    how dare you let them go without food or water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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