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what do i do with my hair and makeup so i can constantly be in and out of the water?!?

in the summer, im constantly in and out of the water. my hair is wavy, but when i get out and it starts to dry, it gets frizzy and puffy, with no curl at ALL. it looks horrible. what do i do?! i normally straighten it, but obviously that dosent stay after im in the water. what are some good tips/styles to make it look either straight or curly?

also, whats good makeup that will stay on even after im in the water??

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    I normally don't wear make up when I go swimming

    My make up isn't waterproof so there's no point in it

    If you wanted, you could wear waterproof mascara and lipgloss

    You could try braiding your hair tightly so it won't frizz

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    to help ur hair u can use maybe sometype off oil for ur hair in the morning like even olive oil just a few drops though, or the sell serums u can also aply that so that way wen ur hair dries up its still full of shine and the oily stuff keeps ur hair from frizz, and ofcourse water proff mascara would be the best choice and some of the colorstay llips color good luck

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    try that beach look with your hair where its kinda wavy scrunch it with gel and put a bandanna on it like Nicole Richie when your out of water or just put it up in a bun. For your makeup use water proof mascara and other than that u don't need much make up if your tan when your tan usually your skin looks excellent and glows without any makeup

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    Do not wear makeup then you will not have a problem. As for your hair, just make sure you wash it real good after you are done swimming. If you like, condition it before you swim.

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    water proof make up would take care of your makeup.

    for your hair, after getting out of water, put in mousse or gel.

  • For make-up you could get water-proof lipstick and mascara.

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    and uh

    NO make up

    make up is bad 4 ur skin anyway

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    my advise to you is to get a swimm cap and put it on and as well to keep your eye make up on get a priced and well pair of googles and swim

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