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I like a girl and i wanna know if she likes me but how?

im in 9th and shes in 10th i like her but i wanna know how to tell if she likes me!

any sugestions?


Shes in 10th and im in the 9th we hang out alot and i wann know if she likes me but how?

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    Well buddy your kinda one year younger tahn her and every girl is different. Like when i have a crush on someone, I give them the cold shoulder. I never show them any interest and I always ignore them . I don't stare either cause it's rude to stare! You just have to ask.. maybe talk to her.. or ask her on a date and see what she says.. maybe add her on myspace and if she asks who you are.. tell her how you feel about her.. it's simple as that.

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    Simple practical tips:

    Seek out a common friend to drop your name to her and report to you her comments.

    However, the best way would be for you to get introduced to her all by yourself!

    You can take the help of a ruse, for instance.

    Lightly bump into her in the corridor of your institute. That's the time for you to apologize and help her in retrieving the books or whatever that were in her hands and are now on the floor all scattered.

    Apologize profusely, while helping her retrieving the items, ordinarily touch her arms for a second. The touch will be remembered.

    Give your address (previously prepared in a visiting card) and your phone number to her as the icing on the cake.

    Or you can insert it within a book.

    However, ensure that she recognizes that the card is from "that cute guy who bumped into me the other day in the corrdior").

    This can be done by telling her at flip side of the card that you are rather sorry for the act!

    And seek her permission to talk at some place at some time.

    This will work!

    Meanwhile, ask a middle person (a friend who knows both) to keep on following it up with her!

    One day she will relent and give you audience!

    Viola, your day is made!

    Adios, Amigos!

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    I think you should pay attention to her, and figure out , if you are special to her and does she treat you in a special way, those may be things that can tell you if she likes you. Pay attention to eye contact and you should flirt with that she will know that you like her. Good luck!!

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    If she seems comfortable talking to you she might like you. First find out from her friends what's she's like. Don't tell her friends you like her, just hang around them and jot down things about her and her friends in your head.

    Does she like gentleman? or Does she like Bad Boy? Does she prefer dating Latinos? Even if she didn't previously like you, If you touch her heart, your in there.

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    Get a friend to ask her what she thinks of you.

    Don't let the opportunity pass you by, I did and I regretted it (at the time, until I realized the guy was a jerk!).

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    well, first off, girls will often look over at you and look away when you catch them if they like you.

    second, if she has your number she will call you...alottt...

    third, she will try to be your friend and when you talk about other girls act like everything is fine and dandy even tho you can see in her eyes that its killing her.

    and finally, she will most likely laugh at every "funny" thing you say (even if it isnt funny) she will continually act like you are perfect.

    hope this helped!!

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    go to this girl when shes alone and chat. If she isn't interested she wont want to hang around you if she is she will want too talk more!!!! :-)

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    ask her to hang out

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    when you see her,write her a love letter to tell her how do you feel about her and lover her.

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    a lot of girls dont like to make the first move so why dont you?

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