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I have social phobia, does anyone know how to get over it.?

I had this problem since i was a child.I was so afride of the teacher that i could't ask to use the restroom and i wet myself. This phobia has caused me to miss out on alot of opotunities in my life. I am not crippled but i feel like this fear has crippled my existience. I dont work because I'm continuously afride of people. It is so hard for me to even order coffee, I have to talk to myself constantly, trying to be convinced that they are just people and I can make this order. I also get panic attack just being arround people. Everything that is simple to others is sooo hard for me, like going to the gym, walking alone, as long as it involve people. I've prayed night and day to get brave but sometime i feel that God just chosse to ignore this pray. Please can someone tell me how to get over this so I can finnally live.

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    I can't believe someone else was so shy they wet themselves because they were afraid to ask to use the bathroom too! I was a shy kid in school. I sort of gained more confidence later on with people but then lost it all after some bad relationships. I KNOW I have been suffering from panic attacks for a long time, but I am on meds and it's somewhat abated. I think people will make fun of your question but I believe you are for real. And I prayed for an awful long time for God to make it go away and it did not. I am not a professional, but as someone like you, I would suggest going to a psychiatrist. If you cannot afford that, then your local mental health clinic. Not working and not being around people is making your problem worse. You need to garner up all the strength you have, go put in job apps. Even if you are nervous, just tell yourself you are practicing. I am guessing that something bad happened to in your youth or you had some problems while young. It's very hard, but remember, you will be proud of yourself for trying, and to try and defeat this is better than sitting around and doing nothing. You need love and you need help. I wish you the best.

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    SSRI (Serotonin Selective Reuptake Inhibitors) antidepressants have been shown to be effective in treating social anxiety. You would have to visit a psychiatrist, most general doctors don't like to prescribe psychotropic medications, though legally they can.

    I have a friend with a similar problem as you. It's a shame because he's nearly 50 years old and he works at Wal-Mart. I don't think he's ever had a date.

    I used to be shy also, although not to the point you describe. With better living through alcohol, I got up the nerve to talk to people. Then I found out people are not so scary and I could talk to people without the help of alcohol. Believe me, most people are so wrapped up in their own crap that they don't pay more than a glancing attention to others.

    I read a blog of a woman who is really shy. She even gets her husband to call stores and businesses where you have to talk to someone you don't know. She seems to have some regular commenters on her blog. Maybe a blog would help you.

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    well first step's first, go to see your general practitioner family doctor. he can give you some meds for this, without seeing a psychiatrist. then check out what sort of therapy or psychiatrist optoins are available in yoru medical plan. because meds might do wonders, and therapy might do wonders, especially in conjunction!

    i hope no one makes fun of you, because just having mild society anxiety myself i know what hel that is, and i believe your every word here. hope you get the help you need.

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    i know how you feel. sometimes i'm so self-conscious around people that i start sweating profusely, and i can't order anything without feeling afraid, especially if i have to talk to a male. i get how you feel when you walk alone, that happens to me too, like if i go out in public with my family, i stick with them instead of going off on my own. i'm still in high school right now, but it's scary thinking about who i'll become, especially when i can't even relax in public.

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    I think god believes you're a lot stronger than you think you are. Just start socializing with people. It's very hard at first, I know, but it gets easier! Perhaps it gets a little too easy sometimes, but take my advice.

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    There are a lot of anti-anxiety drugs which might help and you might want to see a doctor.they can probably get you out of the house ..........Me telling you it will be better doesn't work........See a doc........If he/she don't help, try another ...

    good luck

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    well, you can go see a psychiatrist, who can help you overcome this fear. the psychiatrist may prescribe anxiety pills for you...good luck!

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    be weird and do whatever you want and bring more energy to the table than others

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    Look into this...

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