As a History major, transfer student and as a junior - what classes can I expect to take as CSULB?

Like I said, i am a junior, a history major and a transfer student. I have my general ed done. What classes can i expect to be taking?


I'm going to be a junior at Cal State Long Beach!

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    Hello! I'm personally in comm. college right now, but one of my friends is also a junior at a Cal State University.. she recently finished her general ed classes and is now attending CSUN. She's a poly sci major, and she was telling me how almost all of her classes are various poly sci classes.. I believe that whatever your major is, you'll be taking a ton of classes based upon that.. history, in your case, and little else. I'm sure you'll be learning about all different times, places and people throughout history.. as for the exact class names, I wouldn't know, but you should be able to find that in your college catalog online. Good luck! :o)

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    i do not know exactly what classes you have taken but here is a link to the history section of CSULB's academic website.

    it shows you all the classes you will take. i have used this site myself because i plan on attending CSULB after i finish my senior year which is like in june of next year. CSULB is a beautiful school and has alot of great ppl there. have fun there!!!!!! maybe youll meet my cousin lol

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