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Please evaluate this trade. Morneau, K-Rod, and Phil Hughes for Ben Sheets, Billy Wagner, Embree, W. Tavarez?

Keeper league

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    If you're getting Sheets, Wagner, Embree, and Tavarez, don't do the trade, especially since it's a keeper league.

    Phil Hughes is 21-years old and had a no-hitter through 6 innings in his second major league street. He also gets a lot of strikeouts and Sheets' strikeout totals have been dropping this season. Morneau is coming off an MVP season and has a nice lineup around him with Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer. K-Rod is arguably the best closer in the game. Embree is a shoddy closer and won't close once Huston Street or Justin Duscherer comes back from the DL. Wagner is inferior to K-Rod, and Tavarez only helps you with steals.

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    The winning side of this is Morneau, K-Rod, and Phil Hughes.

    Best players here:

    1. Morneau

    2. Rodriguez

    3. Wagner

    4. Hughes

    5. Sheets

    6. Tavarez

    7. Embree

    The younger team has 3 out of the top 4 players here. If you have the Morneau package, definitely keep it!

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    if your getting sheets, absolutely horrendus. It's keeper, all the guys you are giving up are younger, and they are much better, too

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