why do girls always gota be like this?

y are all gurls so dam hard to stay wit i cant tell this girl how i really feel its kiling me i wana tell her so bad but im scared of what she will think of me when i tell her


okay i forgot something and every one is pissin me off y dont u apporch her god damit shes my gf and she has my ****** kid

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    1 decade ago
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    gurls hate when u dont let them know what u are thinking. u gotta let her know what u feel if u wanna have a good relationship. trust me she'll understand and appreciate ur honesty and if ur telling her how u feel about her it'll make ur relationship better. and how are we hard to stay wit?? i dont get it.

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    LOL, thats so stupid, rephrase your question to "Why do guys always gota be like this?" Its you fault, not the girls. How are they so hard to stay wtih when you haven't even approached the girl or even talked to her for that matter?

    You have low self-esteem, lack confidence to talk because you have little social skills. Even your picture tells me how unfufilling your life is with a frown on the cartoon dude.

    Sure, you can fear the approach, but you should be even more scared of the fact that you will NEVER get a girlfriend if you continue to use these methods. Spontaneous "I love you's" don't work when the girl doesn't even know you. You appear like a freak who was stalking her for 4 months before managing to muster the courage to tell her that you liked her.

    Approach more girls dude, learn to talk to them and DON'T and NEVER mind the result of the interaction. The higher your expectations of a interaction, the more it'll hurt your pride, confidence, and self-esteem when you feel. So learn to forget about the result and work on the progress to the result.

    So many guys seem to drown with the results which is why they have this fear of rejection when they approach. Drop everything, your ego, your failure of rejection and just go talking to random hot girls. You'll build on a skillset that allows you to be socially more adept when talking to girls.

    I'm not saying its easy buddy, and i'm certainly not saying its going to happen overnight. But the truth of the fact is, if you got the time to read this LONG A$$ post, you might as well be talking to random girls right now.

    Like they say, practice will never betray you. When in question of your confidence, practice approaching more girls, when questioning your ability to speak to girls, talk to more of them.

    Live your life fully, Change and be the best you can be, cause you only got one life eh.


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    1 decade ago

    we're not always the way u think we are! u just have to have the RIGHT one u kno? and just tell her and if she doesnt except u for how u really feel about her then she's not a real woman and find another 1

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    omg y are all guys like that. my ex tld me that he still liked me and asked me to take him bak but i sed no even tho i still liked him. (but he did something to lose my trust) then he started sending mixed signals and it was SO confusing. if guys are just honest then it makes it so much easier for the girl to say yes... but does this girl flirt with you? does she SEEM like she likes u. i've been tld that i flirt with every guy even the ones that i dnt like... so just make sure that she seems at least a little bit interested in u and make sure u r her type...the type that she would like bakk... if ur already flirting with her and she flirts bak then ur btr off telling her.

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    1 decade ago

    so dam hard to stay wit? a girl you wana be with is hard to stay wit yet you wana tell her how you feel? confusing grammar, spelling, thoughts....

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    if u THINK she might like u back then might as well tell her. she will probabley feel relived if u tell her first, and she might feel confortable to say she has the same feelings for u. (or something else) belive me, girls LOVE it if u say something first.

  • not all girls.

    Anyway, be assertive.

    She may like you too.

    Girls love when guys like them, even if they don't like them back.

    Be confident in what you say.

    Rejection isn't easy when it happens, but you'll get over it if it does.

    Don't be scared.

    If you are, don't let it show.

    Be "smooth"

    Girls love a guy confident. Not cocky---confident.

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    why do guys gota be like this...just let the girl know what ur feeling!! haha

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    1 decade ago

    You need to ask her. Base everything off of her answer...good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    If she thinks of you differently then she doesnt deserve you! So tell her thats my opinion.

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