How would one go about inserting data from a url that updates as the url information updates?

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    You can do so only when the data from the web is an excel(xls) format file, the following is how.

    Insert a link to worksheet data on your intranet or the Internet

    You can insert a link from a workbook to another workbook that is located on your intranet or on the Internet. The workbook must be an .xls file rather than a workbook that has been saved as an HTML file.

    1.Select the information you want to copy as a linked object.

    2.Click Copy .

    3.Switch to the worksheet you want to place the information in, and then click where you want the information to appear.

    4.On the Edit menu, click Paste Special.

    5.Click Paste link.

    Note To create a link without opening the workbook on the Internet, click the cell where you want the link, and type an equal sign (=) and the URL address, followed by the location in the workbook. For example, type

    ='http://www.someones.homepage/[file.xls]Sheet1'!A1 or


    Every time you open your file with the link, it will prompt you for the update, or go to the menu Edit, link to update it manually

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    you ought to use perl and the cleansing soap module to open the url and then parse the internet site. After you are able to desire to write the information out right into a complication-loose separated record which will open precise in excel.

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