What is the hottest city in the world, temperature wise?


What would the temperature average for that city?

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    You can review different sites on the internet and get different answers, grab the first one you see, copy and paste. For example, there's one city that's being touted as the hottest but that's based on a single temperature recorded in 1922, which hardly qualifies it as the hottest city in the World in reliance on one temperature. But more than that, the Asker wants a city which Al Aziziyah was not then and can hardly be considered more than a town today.

    The World Meteorological Organisation says.

    Bangkok, Thailand is the world's hottest city. Other cities like Rio may reach higher temperatures but Bangkok rarely cools down, tending to remain largely above 30 deg C from day to night, summer to winter.

    Another source says:

    10 Hottest Cities

    Average Temperature

    (deg.F) (deg.C)

    1. Timbuktu, Mali 84.7 29.3

    1. Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India 84.7 29.3

    3. Khartoum, Sudan 84.6 29.2

    3. Omdurman, Sudan 84.6 29.2

    5. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India 84.0 28.9

    5. Niamey, Niger 84.0 28.9

    7. Aden, Southern Yemen 83.9 28.8

    8. Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India 83.8 28.8

    9. Madras, Tamil Nadu, India 83.5 28.6

    10. Ouagadougou, Upper Volta 83.5 28.6

    The Guinness Book of Records says many different things, it may be viewed here:


    Accordingly, I think we should go with what the World Meteorological Organisation says as it is the most reliable and scientifically source and they base their pick on many decades of records.

    Therefore, as your question did NOT ask for the hottest one day recorded temperature but instead asked for the averages the best answer is Bangkok, year in and year out. And Bangkok fits every definition of a city. .

    You also asked for high/low and Bangkok will often remain the same overnight.

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    El Azizia, in Libya, located on the northern part of the African continent. On September 13, 1922 the thermometer reached a blistering 136° F/57.8° C.

    There are many places on earth that are plenty hot. In fact, there's a good chance on the day this record-breaking temperature was recorded by a meteorological station in El Azizia in 1922 there were other places hundreds of miles away that were even hotter. In all likelihood, this record temperature has been exceeded since then in many places on earth, but there are no official records of the temperatures.

    Also, most humans don't 'hang out' where some of the hottest tempertatures on earth are regularly experienced so there aren't a lot of meterological stations in these places to reliably record extreme temperatures.

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    What is the hottest city in the world, temperature wise?

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    There was a time in Al Aziziyah, Libya when the temperature became 58 degrees Celcius! It was the highest recorded temperature ever for a city.

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    El 'Azizia (Arabic: العزيزيه ) is one of the municipalities of Libya, located in the north of the country. Al 'Azizia is also name of the municipality's capital.

    On September 13, 1922 a temperature of 57.7°C (135.9°F) was recorded in the city of Al 'Aziziyah, the hottest recorded temperature ever on the surface of the Earth.

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    Kuwait City

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    Timbuktu in Mali

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    I want to ask the same question as the user above.

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    i dont know but its 99 degrees here and its night!! in the day it was 108! deep south texas

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