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Just how bad does it have to get, before you say "It can't get any worse?"?

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    about a week to a month ago "it can't get any worse" described my life. it was the hardest my depression has been for a while. self-injury was something i tried. suicide was on my mind and i felt as if i had no other options. thank god it blew over and things are somewhat better. if your in a situation like mine, hang in there.

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    I usually say that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

    If it can't get any worse that also means that I've pretty much tried all options. And then when things are bad, I might suddenly see the one option that I hadn't even thought about earlier. Maybe the one option that takes a lot of courage.

    Stress and crisis situations often bring out the best in people. Must be all the adrenaline working. So if things are totally bad, then there's a good chance that sudden,y and unxpectedly a new door opens!

  • TR.
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    So bad that it actually can't get any worse?

    Maybe three or four people have died, a family member has gotten cancer, you get evicted from your house, and your dog got hit by a car.

    I don't know. I say it all the time. And it always gets worse.

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    When Jesus was on the cross and he was about to die, he said father my soul is in your hand. when you get to that point in your life and you see the light thats when it won't get any worse and that may be a good thing finally going home to know more suffering ,hunger, problems, just rejoicing. I don't think it can get any better than that. or any worse. when you are going throug hard times it always seems you are only hurting more. but prayer and faith always makes me feel better.

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    When all your family members died in a car accident, you have to pay for the funeral and hospital bill, you go bankrupt, and end up living on the streets, start suffering from the effects of smoking when you were younger, and have got a homosexual guy stalking you.

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    Don't say that because it can always can get worse!

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    Listen, it can always get worse. I stay away from saying that...ever!

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    I'm afraid to tell you that I agree with Robster. I'm glad to tell you if you keep some sense of humor about it, you'll be much, much better off...that is, if the fear proves to be unfounded. And it often does.Take care :)

    (I hope that made sense).

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    That's a tough one. I guess right before I would die, I could say that.

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    I am afraid to know, but I am not all that far from the discovery of it.

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