Help my condo property tax is wrong what do I do please read on?

I live in a condo in Brooklyn, NY. it is around 830 square feet. My property tax is around 5,500 for the year. In my building I talked to a few people and their apartments are bigger and with a view and they pay around 2,100 for the year.

I called up The city of new york department of finance and I always get someone that says that property taxes are high and it is what my building management submitted when they built this building so I went to my building management and they said this has nothing to do with them.

Please help I dont have much money to file a lawyer or something what could I do. I mean isnt it common sense 830 square feet apartment cant run a property tax bill of that high. And if other people in building has bigger apartments how come theirs are cheaper I mean by 50 percent cheaper.

Please help.

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    You need to contact your local treasurer or auditors office. You will need to determine if the property is truely being assessed for 830 sq ft or not. If it is wrong, they may need to see some sort of appraisel to verify to make the correction. Typically corrections are easier to get done than if you are just fighting a reduction in your taxes. They usually will make you wait until next tax year before you see a reduction in taxes due to a mistake or clerical error. However, if they are taxing you based on 830 sq ft then you will need to acquire comps of your neighbors to verify the injustice. You can typically get these from the auditors office manually, or you can have a realtor, title company or real estate lawyer pull them for you for a fee. Every area has a process of fighting taxes, but they are all supposed to be comparable to your neighbors - so check with you local auditor/treasurer's office to determine what their process is. And in the meantime I suggest getting your comparatives together.

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    Just so you know - you should never have them impound your property tax as part of the monthly payment. You give them your money, and they earn the interest, plus charge you an escrow fee on top of it. Tell your mortgagor you'll pay your own property taxes, that you've set up a special account or whatever. They'll tell you anything to get more of your money. Go yourself to the tax assessor and ask for reassessment. They lowballed you on the 1500 tax assessment, (they're allowed to do that - that tax rate was for a condo a few years back when it was new)

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