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wich two teams have the best chance to make it to the superbowl?

just wondering what people think i would say dallas and baltimore. ravens have a very good d and dallas off. will hopefuly be more explosive

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    Chargers vs the Saints. Brees battles his old team....and loses.

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    well,In AFC the patriots are a shoe in cuz of the randy moss deal,Brady and Moss is goin to be a poor mans version of Joe Montana And Jerry Rice

    The NFC is a toss up,no team really stands up over the rest in da conference,I would hav to say either the saints,eagles,or MAYBE 49ers,I'll also take the panthers as a sleeper team in the NFC

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    I think the Patriots with their amazing post-draft pick-ups for the AFC, although the Broncos will be strong this year, and on the NFC side, probably the Bears if they can make the hard choice and start a more consistent (read: Brian Griese) QB.

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    San Diego or New England for the AFC

    New Orleans or Philadelphia for the NFC

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    i would say in the afc san diego and the nfc the saints

  • Anonymous
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    I have to say the patriots and the seahawks.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the broncos and the bears.

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