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if we are suppose to have different why does it all seem that we really do have similar taste?

to explain what i'm talking about you so often in your life things like we all have different taste do worry about it but i notice that if there hundred woman at a workplace if 20 of those women let it be known that they find a man extremly busted usually the other 80 agree but won't say it directly but agree,if this is the case how is it we all have different taste

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    All I got 2 say is............... whhhhhhhaaattt da **** did u just say. I don't understand what da hell u just said. By da way, are u a soldier or somethin' cause I like ur picture. See ya.

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    None of the women I work with agree on anything.

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    hehehhe, good question... how come u know the other 80 agrees on that or not?? usually women have unstable don't worry!!!

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