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    I cannpt answer from the point of a mother, BUT from what I saw in my wife, she did NOT want to stop her "partying" with friends ways. She continued wanting to be the "center" of attention and always wanted to have a good time. She remained being the center of attention, and it wasn't until I told her that if she doesn't get her head out of her butt (gotta keep it clean for the YAHOO REPORT-A-HOLICS) and stop partying, and start doing things as a couple with child (after all when she said HER "I do's", it no longer became her or his BUT ours), that I will leave her with our son. After all why she she go out and have all the fun, and when I wanted to do it I was accused of having an affair - even though I never went out.

    She eventually got her head out of her butt, and MATURED after I threatened to leave her. Motherhood didn't change my wife much, my reality check to my wife and her realizing that she will be alone and broke did. BTW Texas is a no Alimony/Palimony state, and if she would have wanted to fight for 1/2 the difference in our pay checks, I would have fought her for 1/2 the difference in bills we acquired during the marriage, which meant I wouldn't have to pay her a thing.

    I know you asked how motherhood changed you ... in a nutshell it didn't change my wife at all, me threatening my wife with a divorce did and all financial numbers I crunched up made her a better mom/wife.


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    In so many ways, I don't know if I can name them all. I have learned what life is all about, and what is and isn't important. I have learned to appreciate the little things (like running to the grocery store in the middle of the night with my husband) and time alone. I am no longer selfish, my daughter is number one. I understand my mother so much better, and I have a better relationship with everyone in my family. I appreciate showers a lot more!! One thing I thought would never happen is the demise of my appearance. I actually have to make a conscious effort in order to look decent now, yet my daughter always looks adorable. In short: everything has changed.

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    I became a mother 24 years ago. I had 2 wonderful children and I can tell you that motherhood changed me in many ways. Mostly it made me grow up and realize that someone else depended on me and my hubby for everything. It taught me what unconditional love truly is. It taught me patience. Motherhood also taught me what true heartbreak is....my 16 year old son was killed in a car accident after only having his drivers license 6 days..3 years ago. Motherhood brought me closer to God. My daughter is 24, in nursing school and pregnant with her 3rd child in less than 5 years. If you think motherhood is great, just wait until you get to be Nana. I had her when I was 19, she had her oldest when she was 19, so I am a fairly young Nana. And I love it. Holding those babies, smelling their sweet little heads (why do babies heads smell so sweet?), watching their chubby little legs walk for those first faltering steps. It's amazing. I think when it's your child, you're so busy with working and keeping house and your relationship with your husband that you don't really cherish those moments, but when its your baby's baby, you truly learn how to appreciate those moments. We are truly blessed in that we have just found out that the new baby is a boy, he's due Christmas Eve and she is going to honor both her brother and her father by naming him after them. The middle baby is a girl and she was named after my mother. And I got to name the oldest one. Don't get me wrong, I love them both and I'm sure I'll love the new baby too but the oldest one has me wrapped around his little finger, as did my son. The problem is, he knows it and Tyler knew it. I guess what I'm taking so long to say is.. take some advice from someone who has lost a child... hold on to every precious moment with your baby, teach them to grow up to be strong good people. Don't be afraid to discipline them, children need rules, boundaries and limitations. And they need to know that there are consequences for their choices/actions. And never, never, never leave them or hang up the phone from talking to them without saying I love you. I can find some peace in knowing that's the last thing I said to my son. And he knew it was true. God bless you and good luck with your baby

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    Motherhood has given me a lot greater persistence. i've got continuously been impatient and needed issues finished my way and a-l. a.-minute. After marriage and the youngsters, i've got improve right into a genuine softie - which has taken aback lots of folk that understand me. So - Motherhood has had an excellent effect on my existence!

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    My daughter literally saved my life. Finding out that I was pregnant was the best thing that ever happened to me. I changed my ways and have become a better person because of her, and I tell her everyday how much I love her.

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    motherhood changed me completely...i was young when i had my son and with other things i ent through at that time it made me strong, mature, selfless, conservative, more aware, determined, but most of all it made me full of love for my child....i grew up as i became a mom..i evolved and left part of me behind

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    I became more mature loving I became a mom at 17 and now that my kids are teenagers I can understand my mom soooooo sooooo good.

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    You learn real fast that there is someone more important then yourself.

    It made me get organized, with shots, shopping, changing the baby, feedings and so on.

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    it made me learn more patience. i am more mature and easygoing i live for for kids and my husband not just for my self. I learned not to be selfish and take one day at a time and i am no longer the center of attention.

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    I think it has made me more sensitive to others and It has changed my outlook on life.

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