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If every girl wants to be treated like a princess....?

wouldnt at somee point everyone is a princess and one of them wopuld want to be queen and possilvby god?

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    not everyone wants to be treated like a princess. the thought is nice, but most girls like to be laid back, and chill.

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    well i think, at some point of a girl's life, they do want to be treated like a princess. but most people are so streotypical about it. just because you're a princess they think you're spoiled and a snob or something like that well maybe some are but not all of them. and to wish to be god? i don't think any person can do that job.

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    well yeah what girl wouldnt want to be treated like a princess. have somone there to order around and do everything for you and not lift a finger... but after awhile it would get old and you would want to do things ur self. never be god... thats a big role .

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    i agree! things are getting too deep here...as a woman, i just want to be treated with respect and loved. and it means more if its just by one person and not the whole world (ie not a literal princess)

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    That's why you get creative and treat her like (your) princess and not like everybody elses princess.

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    Dude, it just means treat a woman right, don't get all deep thinking!

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    That's interesting but figure it if men want to be princes. I think that will give the same answer

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    lol good point....i think most girls dream of that sort..because they just want to be treated right....with respect and love....of course you have to give those things to receive them also....but hey a girl can dream....and then there are the arrogant ones who just one a rick lifestyle.....nough said....

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