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What do you think will be the hot new TV shows for fall? Last year I tried to start watching a new primetime series (I am already a HUGE LOST addict.) I really like Jericho but I feel pretty confident that immediatly following the next 7 episodes that will air this fall, they will can the series. (It's ratings were insufficient during the first season.) Does anyone know what is up and coming or what looks interesting? Keep in mind that I am only looking for something new. I can't take anymore Law and Order, ER, or Grey's Anatomy with all of the "McCharacters." Thanks in advance for your responses!

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    Here some of the new ones I want to see (hope they are as good as the write-ups):

    Journeyman premieres on NBC in fall 2007. A newspaper reporter inexplicably begins traveling back and forth in time, changing people's lives as he does.

    K-Ville premieres on FOX in fall 2007. Two years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is far from rebuilt, a city full of criminals with an under-manned and unprepared police force. Two partners patrol the streets of the Big Easy, doing their part to save the city.

    New Amsterdam premieres on FOX in fall 2007. John Amsterdam in the 17th century and served as a Dutch solider in the colony of New Amsterdam. That makes it really strange that in 2007, he's still working as a New York City homicide detective. Funny what a little immortality will do.

    Back To You premieres on FOX in fall 2007. After an embarrassing incident, a big city news anchor has to head back to his old market, where he has to reteam with his former co-anchor, who also happens to be his ex.

    Life Is Wild premieres on CW in fall 2007. A veterinarian moves his entire family to live in a game preserve in South Africa. As the family struggles to adjust to life away from the Big Apple, they learn to appreciate the friendly locals, the breathtaking vistas and the wild animals that surround them.

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    It is not new, and it doesn't start until January - but 24 on Fox on Monday Nights at 9:00p.m. is an awesome show. There is no other show out there like it.

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    not sure

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