Help with Compare and contrast essay for Eng. 101.?

I really want a good topic for my essay. I want it to be funny. and if has to be a good topic that I would be able to write a lot about. If you can think of anything that wouldnt be funny, but would be good let me know. Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

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    Compare and contrast American and British English.

    I can give you a short story to get you started.

    One of our exchange students learned British English. He was in English class one day and made a mistake on his paper, so he asked if anyone had a rubber he could use! Of course, the whole class started laughing and he didn't know why. He didn't understand that rubber was American slang for a condom and his classmates didn't understand that a rubber is an eraser! Fortunately, the English teacher took the opportunity to have a discussion about the differences AND my kid was really nice, good looking and popular, so no ill effects!

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    C/C school dress codes. Use three topics:

    1. Required uniform (Strict uniform guidelines)

    2. Regulated dress code (general guidelines, but pretty open)

    3. No dress code at all (anything goes).

    You can have fun with "Nude Tuesdays" and "Underwear on the outside Fridays". It will make either one of your ultimate choices (1 or 2 above) much more palatable in the end.

    Or, the brownie point approach:

    C/C Shakespeare with any modern author. But, the twist would be that you are only comparing their lives, not their works. Don't even get into the different writing styles, your professor/teacher would be expecting that. C/C the differences that each had. (Living conditions, society acceptance, ease of travel, etc).

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Made it out of English with 4.0s by slightly browning the nose a few times :P
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