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want to be on tv???

ok... so I want to be on tv, even if its just one episode of a show...i live in MI in a real small town and that makes it difficult to find things could you give me ideas on how to get auditions for anything possibly disney channel, ive tried the internet and im obviously to dumb to work it out...Do you need an agent even if u were 2 be on a commercial or an extra, how would I actually get one, if they cost money how much? and to do it should i definately get a headshot (how much is the usual range), and I havent had much experience just school and church plays what would i do for the resume thingy.... thats all i can really think of right now , please be serious answering my question I'm 15 and really just need help!!!

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    Well, I'm from a small town in MI too, and I'm getting lucky!

    For Disney Channel, you will have no luck in MI, you need an agent, who can book you auditions in LA.

    However, you can try these MI theatres for some credits:

    Yay, I'm from southeast MI as well!

    Some places for kids to get involved here, are:

    A. High schools, when they do shows like The Sound of Music, or The Music Man, they look for little kids in the Area.

    B. Community Theatre

    All of Us Express - Children's Theatre, East Lansing


    Ann Arbor Civic Theatre


    Ann Arbor Young Actors Guild


    Ever After Productions, Canton


    Chelsea Area Youth Players


    Chelsea Center for the Arts


    Children's Ballet Theatre, Lansing


    Flint Youth Theatre


    Marquis Theatre, Northville


    Michigan Youth Theatre, Holly


    Mosaic Youth Theatre, Detroit


    Motor City Youth Theatre, Livonia


    The Community House Youth Theatre, Birmingham


    Young People's Theatre, Ann Arbor


    Youth Dance Theatre of MI, Chelsea


    Sky's The Limit, Farmington Hills


    Tipping Point, Northville


    Also, look for auditions on




    Now, if you want to be an extra, you won't need an agent, just look in the local paper, and you'll find oppurtunities.

    If you want to be in commercials, you will need an agent, look here for SAG registered ones: http://www.sag.org/sagWebApp/application?event=bea...

    You'd get one of these agents, by mailing them your headshot, resume and cover letter. Nothing more, nothing less. No calling or emailing either. If they are interested, they'll contact you within 4-6 weeks.

    Cost is free, and agent only gets paid when you do, and then it's only 5-15% of your paycheck.

    Headshot = major must! You need it! An average session here is like $200, but in NYC it'd be around $400.

    From the sound of it, it seems you need more work on your resume, before an agency will take you seriously. So take the theatre links I gave you and get auditioning!

    This is resume format:

    1. Start with your name, bold face center. Put what type of performer you are under it (ex: Actor-Dancer-Singer, Actor-Model, etc.)

    2. Beneath your name, also centered put your professional affiliations such as SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, Equity, if you are non-union, skip this.

    3. Give physical description- height, weight, hair & eye color, and vocal range (if you're a singer). Specify notes.

    4. List contact information-phone number, answering service, email address (TIP: Best to have a phone number in the same dialing area as director's).

    5. Experience. Subdivide into "film" "television" "stage" "voiceovers" "commercials" and "other." Devise a table to organize the catgeories into columns. -This includes school plays.

    6. Column 1: Name of play or movie, etc.

    7. Column 2: Role you played.

    8. Column 3: Name and location of theatre, director's name.

    9. Training. Acting, voice, dance, workshops, scene study -where you studied and with whom. Be sure to list it! Consider listing how long you studied.

    11. Special Talents. List special skills like juggling, stage combat, ability to speak foreign languages, dialects, etc.

    12. Theatrical awards and honors.

    Good Luck, hope to see you on Disney Channel, maybe I'll see you in an MI play even!

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    Just send in a resume w/ a head shot an u'r info an hope 4 the best

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    Im in the same boat you are so if you find out anything let me kno! lol.

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