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um... how do i tell him?

here's the deal. my hubbie wants to have a baby but i don't if i am ready. how do i tell him? he is the most perfect person i have ever met and i am so happy that i married him! i just don't want to hurt his feelings. how do i tell him?

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    Sit down and take the time to talk about this. It may be hard at first, but fess up and tell him. When you do, your husband should respect your wishes. Best of luck!

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    The internal pressure of wanting to please your other half and give them what they want the most is the worst place to be when the two of you are on different pages, heck in this case different books even.

    I would sit him down with candlelight and some dinner and start off the conversation by telling him that his happiness is very important to you, but at this point and time you are unsure if you are ready to make that big of a step. Tell him how much you enjoy spending time with him and you would like to be financially secure before taking these steps.

    How old are you guys hun? I say 25-28 is a good age to start, before then there are so many things to do. I had my first child at 19 and missed out on a lot of things, my cousin on the other hand waited until she was 29 and her life is now very well rounded.

    Tell him that while kids are NOT out of the question, you just aren't ready for them to be in the picture right now, if he really loves you, he should understand. I think part of his wanting a baby is to cement your love completely........ ask him to be patient and keep an open mind any time you two discuss this in the future! Good Luck!

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    think about it.....YOU'RE the one carrying it around for nine months YOU'RE the one that has to go through all the pains and stuff and YOU'RE the one going to have the baby. so its mostly your decision. but it is mostly a teamwork thing. tell him the second sentance u wrote, and then say your not completley ready, but do want one, but just not right now. if he is ryl the most perfect man, then he will understand, and wait until the BOTH of u are ready.

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    just sit him down and explain to him y u would not want to have a child right now assure him that there is nothing wrong with the relationship(if there is not) and just tell him its something ur not quiet ready for. if possible u can also give him some idea of when u think you will be ready for a child

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    Tell him that you love him and that you understand that he wants to have a baby but your not ready at the moment. Tell him that you will give him one soon but not right now its too soon you still have a few more things you want to get done before you concieve a child. He will understand.

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    It all depends how you feel. Are you missing somebody or have you just found love. 2 of my favorite songs come to mind. If you are missing somebody or just broken up and still love them play Natalie Cole's " Miss you like crazy" Get the hankies ready for that one. Or if you have found love play Leo Sayers " Have you ever been in love" Classic tear jerkers. Hope this helps.

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    tell him you want a baby aslo,but when the time is right for you both! it wouldnt be right to bring a baby into this world if your not ready.especially since you are the one who will most likely have to do most of the care for the honest with him and hope he understands.good luck.i hope i was of help!

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    Be honest...this is a HUGE move. I worry if you can't just be honest and tell him you are not ready. It's not a forever No...just a not yet. I am sure he can accept that usless you are 46.

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    its your body.

    make sure you compromise, like you promise to in a couple of years, but what would happen if you did what he wanted and then you realized you just couldn't be a mother?

    talk to him.

    or secretly use birth control =]

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    tell him your not quite ready...maybe you can compromise a time range for a baby

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