After a c-section???

How long does bleeding occur?

I had my c-section 7 days ago and it is not all the time bleeding, it is just spontaneous through out the day.

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    Whether you had a c-section or vaginal birth your bleeding can last up to 6 weeks. It is not a period but just your body cleaning out the rest of the pregnancy.

    Don't worry, the 6 weeks goes by really quick. Just take it way easy and let yourself heal. C-sections are major surgery and you would be amazed how easy it is to cause yourself problems by not taking it easy. Relax and enjoy baby.. it goes by fast!

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    The spotting may last up to 3-6 weeks. I've had 3 c-sections and it was a good month before the bleeding completely stopped each time. Hope you're healing well.

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    I had a c section 23 days ago and ive stopped bleeding. I asked my OB at my postpartum visit and he said anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks even with a c section is normal.

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    A regular flow lasted 2 weeks!! I was like darn I thought only vaginal deliveries lasted this long but nopeeeee its normal! I bled heavy from the time I had her until 10 after.. Then I spotted red for a week then I had the brownish spotting,, I swore I was never going to stop all together!

    I have had 2 periods since then and they have been ubber heavy, I was changing every 15/20mins,,,,,This last time it was like that the frst 2 days then it was better..My Dr told me it will be back to normal within 3months!

    I hope all is well with the new baby!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you mean vaginal bleeding? I've had two c-sections and wheather or not you have natural or a section you bleed for approx. 4 weeks. For me, I bled for 7 weeks after my son and 6 after my daughter!!

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    it is normal i had a c-section and i was bleeding for a month after dont worry it wil stop i know this is hard to do but try and stay off your feet get as much rest a you can while the baby is sleeping hope all is going good for you and enjoy motherhood god bless

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    i had a c-section and I bled for 5 weeks. it will stop I promise.put a warm towel on your belly for 15 minutes 2 times a day for a week.that will help blood to dissipate and clots will come out quicker. it's gross but it worked for also feels good to the incision

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    This is perfectly natural. It seems like it will never end. I took me about 2 months for everything to be completely done. Good luck. It gets better.

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    my girlfriend had her third c-section a month ago and stopped late last week. Congrats on your little bundle of joy!

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