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Penis size?

In health we read this book and it said that guys compare penis size and that it is good to look at other penis' to see that yours is normal. Do guys actually do this, cause at my school we dont. Also what is the normal penis size and at what age do penis' stop growing?

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    it is absolutly taboo to be looking at another guys penis.sounds like that book was written by some pun intended

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    there is no standard size for teen, some have their puberty early and some are late, the average of adult is 6". you will stop at the age of 24. it is normal if you are curious about others size and shape.

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    yes, it is actually quite healthy and normal for guys to see each other naked and do a little comparing. It comfirms that we all have essentially the same equipment and clues us in on all the little variations that make us individuals. But as you discovered, in some areas this opportunity doesn;t arise often or at all unfortunately so each guy grows up wondering in he is normal and big enough and all that.

    the average adult erect penis is just under 6 inches. mine is a little above? what about yours?

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